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Posted by kaoyumari - July 6th, 2019

Im preparing a commission's info sheet since Im gonna open commissions soon :D Will be traveling next week so right after I arrive, I'll upload it (I would be very grateful if you help me out and share the info in case you know someone interested in commissioning illustrators)

In other note, I'll be preparing my portfolio making storyboards for fan animations and character designs. If Im lucky I'll make some animated shorts this next months :D I want to be ready for an animation convention coming up in september! (Thats why Im opening commission slots, I really need the money for the airplane my dudes lol)

Have a great weekend guys!


Posted by kaoyumari - July 1st, 2019

Remember the project I was talking about? Well, its almost finished, my parts are done and I actually feel quite proud of how they turned out :D Some team mates didnt do their job as expected, so some friends and I had to remake their stuff, which implied MORE work (hurray?) I ended up animating up to 11 hours daily for 10 days (not kidding, my wrist and back hate me at this point) so I had to rest for some days from drawing. I wish I could show you what I have animated until now but we cannot share the short until it is completely done. Wish us luck guys!

Posted by kaoyumari - April 19th, 2019

Im working on an animated school project at the moment, I still do want to practice my own animation skills as well as illustrating, its a little hard though, I have so many ideas, an injured wrist and a physiological need to sleep at least 6 hours a day lol but I'll do my best anyway!

Sorry if I dont update much in here, I only use my laptop to animate so I leave social media for my cellphone. You are welcome to check out my instagram though, I update there almost daily with sketches and my school life :D

Once again, thank you guys for your support and great comments, you are amazing!


Posted by kaoyumari - January 11th, 2019

I loved all the feedback I got from my walk cycle test, thank you guys for telling me what to improve on my next one! 
If you havent watched my recent Walk cycle I highly encourage you guys to do so, I'd love to know what you think :D

Posted by kaoyumari - January 6th, 2019

I was looking for reference pictures for my next JJBA fanart but boy oh boy I found a huge spoiler (non manga reader here) and something inside me died


Posted by kaoyumari - December 31st, 2018

I hope you start next 2019 surrounded by everyone you love :D Lets make of 2019 an awesome year guys!

Posted by kaoyumari - December 18th, 2018

As part of making myself known in the artistic world, I decided to create a bunch of accounts in different social media, so now I have a twitter as well! I will post my art and my opinion on stuff in there, so I would appreciate it if you check it out! <3 love you guys